Washing Instructions

Suitable takes pride in offering fabrics that are specialized to bring comfort to athletes.

Please note these fabrics need extra care for a longer-lasting product.

Some fabrics are more fragile than others: Mystique, mesh and hologram fabrics are considered special care fragile fabrics.

Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabric to become dull, fade or lose foil overtime.

Please cover and avoid contact with the garment before applying body lotions, perfumes, deodorant, antiperspirant and alcohol in aerosol products as it may affect these fragile fabrics. Causing colour bleed, fading, loss of colour and foil. Especially under the arms where the two colours meet.   


Wash garment(s) separately and turn garments inside out 

Use mild liquid detergent in a large volume of cold water

Gently hand wash. Rinse immediately

Pat dry using a clean towel, hang to air dry  

         DO NOT

  • Do not allow garment to soak
  • Do not Iron
  • Do not Dry Clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach


Suitable will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed.

 We may refuse returns on garments that have not been cared for as we advise.

 Thank you for understanding, and happy washing!